Our Process

Our paint chip repair process is an exclusive four-part system using top of the line automotive paint with a proprietary blending solution to leave a BLOBLESS repair.

  1. The damaged areas are prepped and cleaned so that the paint will bond effectively to the vehicle.
  2. The correct paint color is then selected to match the factory finish.
  3. The paint is then applied to the damaged area.
  4. After the paint dries, it is then burnished and sealed by applying the blending solution. The blending solution removes the EXCESS PAINT around the damaged area and seals the remaining paint.

The chip is now filled and sealed leaving a permanent repair.

Our Technology

Our paint system is very different, in that the paint and the finishing chemicals are formulated to work together to produce the best possible touch-up results. Our unique painting system utilizes a number of proprietary chemicals to produce high quality results. The paint dries very quickly, within a couple minutes or so. As mentioned above, the paints are formulated to work in combination with the finishing blending agent. Special chemicals are added to the paint to interact with the blending solution. This interaction, in essence, softens the paint so the excess paint may be removed easily. The blending agent is not a thinner, if so, it would simply remove all the paint entirely and potentially ruin the clear coat finish on the vehicle. This blending solution also leaves behind a brilliant finish that often brings dull surfaces back to life.

To see some examples, please visit our Before & After page by clicking the link or clicking the tab at the top of the page.