Paint Chip Repair

Using a special proprietary process, we fill paint chips and remove excess paint without leaving paint blobs.


Bumper Dent Removal

While most body shops will recommend a new bumper or the paint less dent guys just turn down the business and wont attempt it. We love the opportunity to pop out these pushed in bumpers in a hour or less. Check out our gallery for more examples of the money we have saved for our clients at a fraction of the cost of a new bumper.

Headlight Restoration

After time headlight lenses become discolored, oxidized, and scratched over time by weather and road debris. Cloudy headlights are a safety hazard and reduces night visibility. Our expert headlight restoration service cleans and restores your lenses to like-new clarity at a fraction of the cost of headlight replacement. Look below and see the before and after on this 2008 Toyota Tacoma headlights we restored at a local dealership.

Light Scratch Removal

Using a special 3 to 4 step process we can completely remove light scratches.